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Ex if you suddenly exercise a lot or if you have to

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Unformatted text preview: e things that anticipate the change. ex: if you suddenly exercise a lot or if you have to rush to somewhere, there are anticipatory changes: so you increase respiration before there's a change in oxygen (anticipating the change so you can minimize the change when it occur) 2. The “set point” of control systems can be altered there are redundancy. They are all anatomically active. 3. Controls are often redundant and antagonistically arranged Homeostatic mechanism is not static. At one time, not just have negative feedback but also have positive feedback control. There are feedback as well as feedforward system. Feedback system is changes to system after change occur. 4. Feedforward systems anticipate changes before they occur 5. Positive feedback causes changes in state positive feedback is rare but occur. usually causes changes in state (system convert to another state because of this self-accelerating rapid process. causes a change that accelerate the change, cause a response that accelerate the change...
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