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They become lactose intolerant however there are

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Unformatted text preview: escendant of people who don't drink milk as adult. They become lactose-intolerant. However, there are abundant of dairy products surrounding us, so there's a mismatch between environment and human. thrifty genotype=get fat really fast when intake high calorie food EX: Pima tribe. They are stuck between 2 powerful tribe. They are constantly nutrient-deficient. Bacterial evolution is much faster. Both figures from Gluckman et al (2009) Evolved Defenses May Be Harmful Evolution has given us powerful immune defenses But, excessive reactions can cause harm: • Fever (pyrexia) can cause seizures, brain damage • Allergies, asthma, anaphylaxis • Autoimmune disease common diseases are hypothesize to due or link to symbiotic organism in our body. This is known as hygeine hypothesis: humans coevolve with microbiota Hygeine hypothesis suggest co-evolution with microbiota: the advent of antibiotics eliminate not only harmful bacteria but also beneficial bacteria, so along with decrease in measles, tuberculosis, hepatitis A, we have increase of autoimmune disease (Crohn's...
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