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3-Membrane Dynamics Figs BW Corrected

Na 140 mm k 4 mm cl 105 mm on the right are 4 symports

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Unformatted text preview: M Cl- 105 mM + on the right are 4 symports (transport substance in the same direction) 1. sodium chloride symport 2. sodium potassium or sodium potassium 2 chloride symport 3. potassium driven chloride symport 4. large class of 2nd transport that are sodium dependent (use energy stored in sodium electrochemical gradient to power the movement, usually uptake of sugars, amino acids, neurotransmitters note: the sodium-dependent glucose transporters is called SGLUT Na+ Sugars, AAs, NTs SYMPORTS + sodium-dependent amino acid, peptide work same way as sugar. effective in oral rehydration solution. Transepithelial Glucose Transport Apical cell have low sodium inside, electroelectrical gradient for sodium go inward. Na+-Glucose Symporter K+ Channel This is an epithelial cell. Epithelial cell is polarize. black spots are tight junction. In the kidney, glucose is filter, reabsorb. The whole thing is power by pump (Na+-k+ ATPase). In the apical membrane, the main way sodium can get through the membrane is through that electrochemical gradient Potassium through apical membrane. This is a mechanism of absorption of sodium Diet Basolateral Tight Junction GLUT Transporter take transporters and put them together. this is epithelial cell (line lumen of kidney or intestine). epithelial cells are always polarize: one side faces the lumen of hollow organ (apical surface, contain microvilli to increase surface area), the rest of cell call basolateral. the black spot are tight junction (control movement of substance in between the cell) b/c epithelium act as selective membrane between lumen and other side (capillaries-absorbing or secreting substances that are crossing the epithelium from one direction or the other). -this is about transepithelial gl...
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