3-Membrane Dynamics Figs BW Corrected

Its also a mechanism for excretion of potassium in

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Unformatted text preview: on of potassium in the blood to the lumen. these 3 mechanisms (glucose sodium absorption to blood, and potassium extrusion out of blood) are common in intestine and kidney. -glucose is an important energy substrate. sodium is most abundant ion in the body. our diet contain excess potassium, which we need to get rid of. Blood Na+-K+ ATPase Glu Na+ Q on oral rehydration therapy: acute gastroretis with diarrhea is leading cause of death due to hyponatremia, dehydration (4 million children a year dying of this under age of 4, 5 million under age of 5), which of the oral rehydration solution is most effective treatment? a: water/b: water with added Nacl/c: water with added glucose/d: water with added Nacl and glucose ANS: Water with NaCl and glucose (20 g NaCl is secreted into the intestine and we absorb all 20g salt back. the problem with hyponatremia is that Nacl is secreted into the intestine but it's not reabsorb. the fluid is produce in excess, moving too quickly, cannot reabsorb) the problem is lack of sodium reabsorption (not restoring osmotic balance). also there's a possibility of more dehydration is giving too much sodium (which cause move of water from intestine to lumen, lumen become hypertonic)-D is best answer, take advantage of S-GLUT (glucose-dependent sodium transporter), don't need to be equal osmotic, just need to be slight hyperosmotic. SGLUT stimulate reabsorption of sodium and uptake of glucose NaCl and H2O Transport in the Lung (& Colon) this slide is important in maintaining the proper water content of the mucous lining the airways and digestive tracts. in the airways, mucuous is important in trapping foreign matter . mucus lumen is above. apical membran...
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