3-Membrane Dynamics Figs BW Corrected

Mucus lumen is above apical membrane is above baso

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Unformatted text preview: e is above, baso blood vessel also contain antibodies that help fight infections. but because things accumulate, mucus have to is below. the surface of epithelium cells lining the lumen would be get rid of by cilia up to the mouth where it can be swallow or spit out. so mucus cannot be be covered in mucus, above it would be water. too watery or too thick (can't be move). -sodium-potassium pump (2 potassium in, 3 potassium out for -in the intestine, the mucus lining the epithelial is important. one is to protect the epithelial cell every ATP hydrolyze) engine whole NaCl and H2O transport from abrasion by intesitinal content. also mucus protect epi from digestive enzymes. also -the potassium that pumps in diffuse out abundant potassium protect from acidic/alkaline condition. also fight infection (have antibodies within mucus). again ion channels in the basolateral membrane (short circuit itself). mucus can't be too thick (if it's too thick, it diminish absorptive function of intestine). if mucus is this don't have much consequence, but the point is to maintain too thin (cause diarrhea where have excess loss of fluid out the intestine). a low internal sodium ion concentration. this electrochemical IMPORTANT IN LUNG (to maintain proper state of gradient of sodium power the secondary active transport on hydration of mucus). CFTR channel is discovered in the left, which is the sodium 2 chloride potassium transporter. research of disease cystic fibrosis. which move for every cycle, 1 sodium ion, 2 chloride, 1 -genetic disease in which number of mutation that affect potassium ion in. again potassium ion pumps in just diffuse function of CFTR (3 nucleotide deletion that result in out through open potassium ion channel. the sodium ion is misfolding and ear...
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