3-Membrane Dynamics Figs BW Corrected

The sodium ion is misfolding and early degradtion of

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Unformatted text preview: ly degradtion of CFTR) pump out by the sodium potassium pump to maintain low -affect pancreas (produce alkaline fluid neutralize acidic sodium ion in the cell. **what's the whole point of the bottom fluid in stomach), lung, colon. transports: to bring chloride into the cell.*** -unfunctional CFTR in lung and pancreas: this means -so chloride comes into the cell, its concentration build up and the mucus don't have enough water content. without a in the apical membrane there's a CFTR (cystic fibrosis functional CFTR, chloride and sodium and water cannot [mutation for gene for this transporter caused the disease be transported, mucus get too thick (proteins, lysozyme cystic fibrosis] transmembrane conductance [inverse of accumulate). in lung, thicken mucus cannot get rid of by resistance, impede flow of current like movement of chloride] cilia, so mucus accumulate and cause infection. in regulator), which is a chloride channel. pancrea, thicken mucus block the duct, cause ____________________________________ pancreatitis. -see in membrane are transporters (sodium-potassium pump, -CFTR in intestine (in colon) is normally responsible for aquaporin in green) salt-water transport to upper direction into the lumen, -mucus protect, traps matter. if mucus is too thin, cause affecting the water content of the stool (stool need to diarrhea b/c have too much water. have high enough water content so constipation won't -sodium/potassium pump keep internal low sodium ion occur, but water content can't be too high or diarrhea -sodium chloride channel: bring chloride into the cell, build its occur). there are a number of bacteria that cause concentration gastroretis, that can spread through diarrhea. this -CFTR: chloride channel, cystic...
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