3-Membrane Dynamics Figs BW Corrected

This cftr chloride channel cystic fibrosis

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Unformatted text preview: fibrosis transmembrane disease spread rapidly through contaminated water. conductance (inverse of resistance, impede flow of current) some toxin can strongly activate the CFTR (bacteria regulator. CFTR is phosphorylated by cAMP-dependent might also have receptor that bind to CFTR and use it to kinase (protein kinase A), this opens the channel and then enter the cell. so CFTR induce diarrhea to spread moves chloride out (movement of chloride across bacteria and route of infection for bacteria to enter), transmembrane-remember high cl concentration inside cell). induce diarrhea, cause excessive secretion of salt and THIS BUILD UP ELECTRONEGATIVITY IN THE MUCUS, water and sodium (excess fluid in the intestine). cause which drive diffusion of sodium ions through the tight junction cholera (very serious disease, cause death, spread through this paracellular (in between epithelial cell) membrane rapidly. within hours cause hyponatremia-less than out to maintain electroneutrality. movement of sodium and appropriate amount of sodium in the blood, fatal within chloride out create osmolarity channel for WATER FOLLOWS hour). the treatment of cholera (antibiotics, oral (through paracellular tight junction and aquaporin)-RESULT: rehydration solution). vibrio cholerae ACTIVE TRANSPORT OF SODIUM CHLORIDE AND H2O -cystic fibrosis is common 1 to 2500 birth in caucasian. into the fluid lining the apical surface quality of life and life expectancy diminish. here's another epithelial cell. the lumen is above so apical membrane is above the tight junction. basolateral membrane is below tight junction. if transport happen in the lung, the surface of epithelial cell in lumen is cover with mucus and air. if colon, have mucus then liquid of...
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