4-Cell Communication Figs BW

hs acting as neural modulator in brain regulate

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Unformatted text preview: y of mada TYPE glutamate receptors. • Modulates glutamate receptors in brain • Causes vasodilation by stimulating ATPsensitive K+ channel in smooth muscle HS cause different way of vasodilation than NO. by stimulating an ATP-gated potassium channel in smooth muscle. many potassium ion channel are modulated by different things. there's a class of Potassium channel are modulate by intracellular ATP. ATP open potassium channel. that ATP-gated potassium channel is modulated/stimulated by HS. HS increase potassium permeability of cell, hyperpolarize the cell which closes voltage-gated calcium channels, decrease calcium influx, lead to relaxation of smooth muscle, causing vasodilation in vascular smooth muscle....
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