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4-Cell Communication Figs BW

Lipophilic hormone bind to carrier protein because

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Unformatted text preview: mone bind to carrier protein because they are not very soluble in aqueous solutions. that fraction of lipophilic hormone that is unbound can diffuse directly through the membrane and bind to cytoplasmic or nuclear receptor to become activated transcription factor that can affect gene expression. 3. a recent discovered variant of the 2 classic pathway above: certain steroid hormone bind to specific plasma membrane receptor and exert action on cell via second messenger system. seen in progesterone and receptors for progesterone. Altered Enzymes, Channels, or Gene Expression Hydrophilic Hormone RESPONSE 1 Plasma Membrane Receptors Lipophilic Hormone Intracellular Second Messengers DNA Nuclear receptor 3 + Carrier Protein Cytoplasmic receptor 2 RESPONSE Signal Transduction need to know role amplification play Amplification & Phosphatases Fig. 6-8 Types of Membrane Receptors there are just 4 major categories of membrane receptors: 1. ligand-gated ion channel 2. receptor-enzyme 3. G-prot...
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