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4-Cell Communication Figs BW

Relax smooth muscle leading to vasodilation so if you

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Unformatted text preview: blood will flow through them. also relax capillary spiter (Increase blood flow into capillaries) • • • • Stimlates guanylyl cyclase → ↑cGMP → ↑PKG Neurotransmitter & modulator in brain Stimulates relaxation in peristalsis of intestine Relaxation of vascular smooth muscle → vasodilation Carbon Monoxide: • Synthesized from heme groups heme group=iron containing, oxygen-carrying, in hemoglobin molecules. RBC contain hemoglobin have fixed life span of 3-4 month and so since there are lots of RBC. in lymph nodes spleen, RBC in billions are destroyed everyday. hemoglobin degraded but heme group survive. these heme group are what makes feces brown. in the processing of heme group, that CM can be synthesize. it also raises cGMP. • Also stimlates guanylyl cyclase • Stimulates smooth muscle proliferation, platelet aggregation; acts as neurotransmitter some neurotransmitters are gases. Hydrogen Sulfide: • Synthesized from cysteine HS modulate glutamate (most excitatory neurotransmitter) receptors involve in memory mechanism (MADA type??) HS acting as neural modulator in brain regulate activit...
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