4-Cell Communication Figs BW

4-Cell Communication Figs BW

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Unformatted text preview: this include many signaling molecules Autocrine Pheromone Paracrine Cell in Another Individual Gap Junctional Coupling Contact Dependent soma terminal Presynaptic Neuron Synaptic Transmission BLOOD VESSEL Endocrine Postsynaptic Cell Mechanisms of Hormone Action Peptides Proteins Amines this slide summarize hormone affect cell. hormone fall into 2 categories: Hydrophilic Hormones vs. Lipophilic Hormones Steroids Thyroid 1. hormones that are peptides, proteins, or amines are hydrophilic hormones upper left corner is signaling by hydrophilic hormone where hormone bind to plasma membrane receptor and act through second messenger system usually to alter activity of preexisting enzymes or ion channels and ultimately gene expression to cause a response. 2. lipophilic hormones such as steroids and thyroid. down at the bottom, the arc on the left are cell membrane. the arc on the right are nuclear membrane. the second signaling pathway is the lipophilic hormones that cannot cross the plasma membrane in large amounts. lipophilic hor...
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