4-Cell Communication Figs BW

When the receptor binds its ligands then the receptor

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Unformatted text preview: . and the activity of the receptor on the intracellular side is complicated and it is associated with intracellular proteins. differences in intracellular protein give diversity of signaling pathways. 2 proteins important (effector protein) are FAK AND Src. Fig. 6-5 Integrin Receptors these 2 kinases exert their effects by mediating the effects of signal pathway by phosphorylating various proteins inside the cells. when the receptor cluster like this, this integrin receptor also associate indirectly with cytoskeleton. so the receptors bind to actin filament when clustered and that's part of their activation. -the function of these receptors are very diverse and important: involve in blood clotting, healing of wounds, immune recognition, cell movement, cell adhesion -also important in cancer and spread of cancer cell. 3 FAK = focal adhesion kinase Src = Src tyrosine kinase Integrin Heterodimer * clustered ** http://www5.appliedbiosystems.com/tools/pathway/pathway.php?pathway=Integrin%20Pathway not ions but gase...
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