8-Synaptic Transmission 2 Figs BW

how good can this be up to one to two degree change

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Unformatted text preview: good can this be? up to one to two degree change in location. maximum DELAY in E, minimum in A. the time it can divide up the sound. sound is amazingly precise. the axon is not uniform, but learns in postnatal development to reach such precision. spatial summation of potential. Input from LEFT ear A B C D E Input from RIGHT ear Sound Localization in Medial Superior Olive Diagram from a place in cat's brainstem call medial superior olive. in there have array of place-encoding neurons. have time lag (different sound in different place, result in one neuron. break down into increment). in studies of barn owl, which have good hearing, find large amount of neurons. they are spatially arranged so that circuits are maximized. the frequency is logarithmic array. the auditory system is able to carry out substantial processing. olive able to find frequency and sound localization. Log Fr e quency Location / Frequency Sensitive Neurons Signal from LEFT Ear - 0 Time Lag + Signal from RIGHT Ear Yin TCT & Chan JCK (1990) Interaural time sensitivity in medial superior olive of cat. Journal of Neurophysiology 64:465-488....
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