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8-Synaptic Transmission 2 Figs BW

102 103 inputs per cell each input weak integration

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Unformatted text preview: • 102 – 103 inputs per cell • each input weak • integration determines overall effect • excitation + inhibition • different transmitters • different receptors for each transmitter • ionic + metabolic effects Integration of Excitation and Inhibition this slide is meant to give few simple example of how excitation and inhibition and integration of both (right) work. the grayish oval is the post synaptic cell body. shaded area is trigger zone that is an area of high density of v-gated sodium channel (same nodes in nodes of ravier). threshold=inward exceed outward current channel. highest density sodium channel=where threshold is lowest, and AP is generated (place that matter, action potential trigger zone, axon hillock). in the left, blue=excitatory input, which release glutamate. glutamate increase permeability of cells to sodium and potassium when that glutamate bind...
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