8-Synaptic Transmission 2 Figs BW

Epsp vm ipsp time aminobutyric acid i stimulate both

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Unformatted text preview: arizing directio. EPSP Vm IPSP time * γ-aminobutyric acid I stimulate both input: result can differ if you have bigger EPSP if have more excitation. relative strength of Excitation. in all 3 case have inhibition because the integration is smaller than single. -if neuron is small or have long length constant, then whole neuron is iso-potential. you can stick in all places. reduced EPSP Position Contributes to Synaptic Effectiveness postsynapic potential is local and graded (biggest at postsynap membrane and diminish with distant). length constant. for each input, the biggest effect will be at where synapse is. the most effective input (most influence) are the ones end in trigger zone. 4 will have weakest, it's so far away. 2 is closer to trigger zone. no neuron looks the same. postsynaptic cell is not passive, but active. neurons in dendrites have v-gated calc...
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