8-Synaptic Transmission 2 Figs BW

Epsp get progressively diminish have very short time

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Unformatted text preview: h release. epsp get progressively diminish. have very short time-course. mechanism involve is depletion of releasable transmitter stores (needs time to replenish, refill the vesicle with neurotransmitter). 1-3 occur in all cells. 4. not all synapse show this: at CNS, LTP (asterisk have no meaning). you stimulate synapse, have EPSP that look at Potentiation. release glutamate as transmitter acting through (NMDA receptor). very very long lasting. stimulating rat at high frequency will leave permanent change in rat's life. so this can have permanent effect on potentiation. LTP is a candidate for learning and memory. ex: some experience like car crash cause long term memory and yet those experience is brief. the effect is mostly post-synaptic mechanism (more glutamate receptor NMDA type in post synaptic cell) 5. long-term depression: certain depression, depress effect last...
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