8-Synaptic Transmission 2 Figs BW

If synapse is recently active this is call

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Unformatted text preview: lisecond). if synapse is recently active, this is call facilitation. many synapse show facilitation (increase response due to increase amount of transmitter release in repetitive stimulus) 2. short term but longer term than first: potentiation. potential get bigger consecutive stimulus. then potential plateau. when test at time way longer than first stimulus, and see potentiation last. last longer. both is cause by increase transmitter release (due to residual calcium, go to presynap and trigger transmitter release. this calcium is then sequester by binding soluble buffer, that takes it out of terminal membrane to restore low cell calcium concentration. this take time, and the linger calcium cause more transmitter release). release is very sensitive, small increase in calcium cause big release of transmitter. 3. depression: involve progressive diminis...
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