8-Synaptic Transmission 2 Figs BW

It opens a channel that selectively permeable to

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Unformatted text preview: to AMPA-Glu Receptor. it opens a channel that selectively permeable to monovalent cations equally permeable. large inward sodium, smaller outward potassium, result is large inward current. current spread, depolarize the cell through capacitance. the outward capacitance depolarize the cell. ↑ PNa + PK ↑ PK or ↑ PCl AmPA-Glur E I E E I glycine GABA glutamate trigger zone + they (glycine and GABA) increase permeability to potassium or chloride. in K+: have outward K+ movement. In Cl-, have outward cl movement, so cl is moving in. inward capacitance zone hyperpolarize the cell (increase difference between inside and outside). way of thinking: 1. some current will leak out. current travel through path of least resistance. there's less current available to depolarize the membrane. 2. calculate the membrane potential (goldman). if left membrane is permeable to both potassium and sodium, membrane potential is halfway between Eca and Ena which is way to depol...
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