9-Autonomic Nervous System Figs BW

Increase oxygenation of blood 6 you see mouth dry up

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Unformatted text preview: 5. increase oxygenation of blood 6. you see mouth dry up and digestive secretion from gi tract diminish -when the danger passes, the emergency responses automatically shut down in part due to 1. reduction of sym activity that stimulate them and 2. in part due to turning on para activity which deals with conservation of energy and restoration of body back to normal. 2. rest and digest blood flow to muscle is return to normal. secretion to gi increase Rest and digest response (parasympathetic) Fight or flight* response (sympathetic) these reflexes of ANS have important clinical implication. there are drugs develop to target autonomic control mechanisms. this include drugs that 1.control elevated blood pressure 2. anti-asthmatic that dilate constricted airway 3. drug that control acid reflux or heart burn 4. reduce intestinal motility to reduce diarrhea 5. drug that dilate pupil, useful in eye exam when doctor want to see retina. many drugs can manipulate the activities of ANS or target organs. • • • • • • ↑ Respiratory rate ↑ Heart rate Vasodilation in limb muscles Vasoconstriction in viscera Dilation of lung airways ↓ Secretion in mouth & gut ↑ General alertness *also “fright” • • • • • • • ↓ Respiration to resting level ↓ Heart rate to resting level Vasoconstriction in limb muscles Vasodilation in viscera Constriction of lung airways Secretion returns to normal Alertness returns to normal CNS Centers Regula...
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