Of oxytocin into the bloodstream whereas memories of

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Unformatted text preview: ewes neglect their newborn lambs Slide 56/92 Oxytocin and trust When asked to recall an experience of warmth toward another person, memories of love were associated with a release of oxytocin into the bloodstream, whereas memories of lust were not (Gonzaga et al., 20006) Slide 57/92 Oxytocin and trust Oxytocin promotes trust (Kosfeld et al., 2006) Ps played the trust game One P receives $10. They give a portion to a stranger. Whatever money was given to the stranger is tripled by the experimenter. The stranger can then choose to give some of the money back to the P. Ps who inhaled oxytocin before playing gave more money to the stranger Slide 58/92 Oxytocin and trust: The dark side Declerck et al. (2010) replicated the oxytocin and trust experiment and found that oxytocin inhalation: Increased cooperation if Ps played with a P2 who they knew Decreased cooperation is Ps played with an anonymous P2 Ps given oxytocin also display more envy and schadenfreude (Shamay-Tsoory et al., 2009) and favoritism toward one’s own cliques (De Dreu et al., 2011) Nelson from The Simpsons is a perfect example of someone who experiences schadenfreude Slide 59/92 Oxytocin and trust: The dark side Bartz et al., 2010a ½ Ps inhaled oxytocin, ½ didn’t All Ps were asked to recall memories of their moms Socially secure Ps who inhaled oxytocin (vs. didn’t) recalled their moms in more positive terms Anxious Ps who inhaled oxytocin (vs. didn’t) recalled their moms in more negative terms Oxytocin hinders trust in Ps with Borderline Personality Disorder (Bartz et al., 2010b) Slide 60/92 Oxytocin and trust: Bottom line Oxytocin may motivate people to seek social interaction Oxytocin could function to narrow attention onto social cues, making them more noteworthy If someone is naturally sociable, they’ll become more sociable If someone is anxious, they’ll become more anxious Right now, the exact function of oxytocin is still unclear Slide 61/92 Oxytocin and trust: Bottom line Why does this controversy matter? The media (and many researchers) have only picked up the positive effects, while ignoring the negatives This hype around oxytocin has drawn the attention of parents whose children have autism, depression, or other conditions characterized by social problems… some have even started buying inhalable oxytocin online to give their kids… There hasn’t been a single published study on the use of oxytocin in young children, and we have no knowledge of the long-term consequences Slide 62/92 Oxytocin and trust: Bottom line “One molecule for love, morality, and prosperity? Why the hype about oxytocin is dumb and dangerous.” (Yong, 2012) “The problem with oxytocin research is that too many people have been focusing on cataloging what it does (at least in some situations), rather than how it works. Say I’m new to computers and install my first Web browser. Suddenly, I can talk to friends, check train times, and buy books. Web browsers look like a pretty sweet thing. Then I discove...
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