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Our knowledge of the role of biology in memory

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Unformatted text preview: logy in memory suggests that it might be possible to use drugs to improve our memories, and Americans spend several hundred million dollars per year on memory supplements with the hope of doing just that. Yet controlled studies comparing memory enhancers, including Ritalin, https://oli.cmu.edu/jcourse/workbook/activity/page?context=c09d351f80020ca600a2c769b3f6d9f1 Page 1 of 6 The Biology of Memory 12/26/13, 4:23 PM methylphenidate, ginkgo biloba, and amphetamines, with placebo drugs find very little evidence for their effectiveness. [8] [9] Memory supplements are usually no more effective than drinking a sugared soft drink, which also releases glucose and thus improves memory slightly. The following video demonstrates a metaphor for how long-term potentiation creates strong, easily accessible memories. Please answer the following questions about long-term potentiation based on the video and the reading. learn by doing Memory occurs through sophisticated interactions between new and old brain structures shown the following figure. One of the most important brain regions in explicit memory is the hippocampus, which serves as a preprocessor and elaborator of information. [10] The hippocampus helps us encode in...
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