Volume 5 number suppl 10351038 pages 2 lynch g larson

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Unformatted text preview: 1035–1038 Pages. 2. Lynch, G., Larson, J., Staubli, U., Ambros-Ingerson, J., Granger, R., Lister, R. G., et al. (1991). Perspectives on Cognitive Neuroscience. Chapter Long-term potentiation and memory operations in cortical networks. Oxford University Press. New York. 110– 131 Pages. C. A. Wickliffe, M. Corballis, and G. White (Eds.). 3. McEntee, W., and Crook, T. (1993). "Glutamate: Its role in learning, memory, and the aging brain." Psychopharmacology. Volume 111. Number 4. 391–401 Pages. 4. McGaugh, J. L. (2003). Memory and Emotion: The Making of Lasting Memories. Columbia University Press. New York. 5. Maki, P. M., and Resnick, S. M. (2000). "Longitudinal effects of estrogen replacement therapy on PET cerebral blood flow and cognition." Neurobiology of Aging. Volume 21. Number 2. 373–383 Pages. 6. Sherwin, B. B. (1998). "Estrogen and cognitive functioning in women." Proceedings of the Society for Experimental Biological Medicine. Volume 217. 17–22 Pages. 7. Chester, B. (2001). "Restoring remembering: Hormones and memory." McGill Reporter. Volume 33. Number 10. Retrieved from http://www.mcgill.ca/reporter/33/10/sherwin. 8. Gold, P. E., Cahill...
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