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Since 139ba is an adjacent isobar to stable 139la and

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Unformatted text preview: since adjacent isobars are not stable 56 57 unless they have exactly the same mass, 139Ba should be unstable with respect to beta decay 56 (β- in this case). Chem 481 Problem Set 1 Solutions 5. see Chart of the Nuclides for data (transitions shown as ....... are there, but presence is not obvious from Chart data) EC 51 6 Cr 51 V from Chart 51 Cr γ 0.3201 MeV QEC 0.7527 MeV 0.3201 51 V β+ 25 Al 6 25 Mg from Chart 25 β+ 3.26 MeV Q 4.277 MeV γ 1.6117 MeV Al 1.6117 25 Mg β38 Cl 38 6 38 Cl Ar from Ch...
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