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85 2 2 485 what is the oxidation number of carbon in

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Unformatted text preview: is the oxidation number of carbon in Zn(C2H3O2)2? Show all work. Notice that C is associated with the acetate ion (C2H3O2-) in this ionic compound so you can ignore the Zn2+. Assuming that both carbons have the same oxidation number (call it x), the following relationship applies. 2x + 3(+1) + 2(-2) = -1 Solving this yields x = 0. Chem 321 Quiz 3 3. Name Answer Key Is the following reaction a redox process? If so, what is being oxidized? If not, explain why. (3) CaC2 + 2H2O 6 Ca(OH)2 + C2H2 This is not a redox process. No element is changing oxidation number. DATA Electrode E0 (volts) Ni2+/Ni -0.236...
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