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Tony orlando and dawn song tie a yellow ribbon round

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Unformatted text preview: tory of Miami Florida man released from prison B. Tony Orlando and Dawn song, “Tie a yellow ribbon round the old oak tree” IV. Became popular during Middle East conflicts from the 1980s to today A. Displayed for hostages in Iran B. Displayed for soldiers serving in Persian Gulf C. Displayed for those serving in Iraq CONCLUSION I. Today I have informed you about the custom of the yellow ribbon from the English Civil War, to the U.S. Civil War, to Vietnam, to the Middle East. II. The next time you see a yellow ribbon tied around a tree, pinned to someone’s lapel, or displayed on the bumper of someone’s car, remember it is not only an important historical custom, but a powerful symbol of the ties that bind loved ones together. WORKS CITED American Family Traditions. “Tie a Yellow Ribbon.” <http://www.americanfamilytraditions.com/yello_ribbom.htm. May 29, 2007. Finely, Gavin. “The Yellow Ribbon History.” <http://entimepilgrim.org./yellowribbon.htm> October 2004. Parsons, Gerald E. “How the Yellow Ribbon Became a National Folk Symbol.” <http://www.loc.gov/folklife/ribbons/ribbons.html. 1991. Key-Word Outline Topic: Yellow Ribbon General Purpose: To inform Specific Purpose: To inform my audience about the custom of wearing or tying a yellow ribbon in remembrance of those who are absent Thesis statement: The custom of the yellow ribbon began with the English Civil War, continued during the U.S. Civil War, re-emerged with the Vietnam war, and hit its stride during the Middle East conflicts. INTRODUCTION I. Round her neck she wore a yellow ribbon. She wore it in the winter And the merry month of May When I asked her, Why the yellow ribbon? She said, It’s for my lover who is far far away. What you have just heard is the opening lines of the song “Round her neck she wore a yellow ribbon.” II. I’m sure most all of you have seen yellow ribbon magnets on the back of cars or perhaps many of you have even worn a yellow ribbon in support of a loved one in the armed forces. But do you know why we have this practice in our culture? III. Today I am here to inform you about the c...
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