Female frigidity male celibacy and homosexuality are

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Unformatted text preview: s. • Extraordinarily late age of marriage. Mangaia of Polynesia • Adolescent boys are given sexual instruction and an experience with a woman in the village. • Practically every girl and boy has had intercourse before marriage. • Female frigidity, male celibacy, and homosexuality are practically unknown. Homosexuality and Culture • Adolescent boys in Sambia (Highland New Guinea) have homosexual relations as part of initiation but enter heterosexual marriages as adults. • In the United States, consistent heterosexuality is considered essential to masculine identity (think about Spectrum panel and reading on Brazilian hip hop) Note: we will discuss Gebusi gender and sexuality next week, after the film - when you go to read that material, please keep an open mind and remember that as anthroplogists, we seek to understand why people in different societies do the things they do, even if their behaviors and practices are very different from our own Beauty Academy of Kabul • An ethnographic film by Liz Mermin • Looks at a group of American hairdressers who go to Afghanistan and open the first post-Taliban beauty school • A development projected funded in part by beauty industry names such as Vogue, Clairol and M.A.C. For next time • Will watch Beauty Academy of Kabul (NOTE: this is available through Netflix, but I don’t know of a link watch the full movie free online - if you cannot or choose not to come to class to watch the film, do your research)...
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