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Gender stratification why is male dominance universal

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Unformatted text preview: tic seclusion and veiling for women in small towns in Iraq, Iran, and Syria. Gender stratification • Why is male dominance universal? Is male dominance universal? • Male dominance is not universal (Peggy Sanday) • Occurs in connection with ecological stress and warfare • Other anthropological studies have shown variation in women’s status before European contact • Male dominance may or may not be universal, but no women in any society hold the extremes of dominance that men do in some Gender hierarchy/gender stratification stratification • The ways gendered activities and The attributes are related to the distribution of resources, prestige, and power in a society. society. Gender Equality • Among the Minangkabau of west Sumatra, decision making among wives and husbands is relatively equal and cooperative. Gender Roles Gender • Cultural expectations of men and Cultural women in a particular society, including the division of labor. the Gender Roles in the U.S. Gender • • • Breadwinner – A traditional gender role found in the United States that views traditional males as being responsible for the economic support and protection of the family. protection Housewife Housewife – A traditional gender role found in the United States that views traditional females as responsible for child-rearing and domestic activities. females Changing? Working mothers, dual income households Gender ideology is a cultural product product • Gender ideology: the totality of ideas about Gender sex, gender, the natures of men and women, including sexuality, and the relations between genders genders • Most societies view males and females as Most distinct regarding sexuality distinct Gender ideology is a cultural product product • Gender ideology may become a basis for Gender gender stratification gender – Seclusion of women, Cultural emphasis on honor Seclusion and shame for females, Male control over social institutions related to sexuality institutions – Law, Religion, Marriage, Divorce, Adultery, Law, Concepts and treatment of rape, abortion Concepts Gender ideology is a cultural product product • Cultural examples – – – – dowry deaths Chinese footbinding Purdah (including veiling) sati (women burning themselves on husban...
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