Of gender space in homes and public areas space

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Unformatted text preview: ds’ sati funeral pyres) – Female circumcision Private/Public Dichotomy Private/Public • Gender ideology is expressed also through the use of Gender space in homes and public areas. space • Gender system in which women’s status is lowered by Gender their cultural identification with the home and children their • Men are identified with public, prestigious economic and Men political roles political • Women with domestic space, in some cases secluded • Example of Egyptian Bedouin Gender Ideology Gender • In some societies In women are excluded from certain areas that are “for men only,” such as this all men's bar in Perth, Australia. Perth, We will either cover these next slides Fri in class, or Wed after the film Cultural Sexual Behaviors • • • • Human sexual activity is patterned by culture - Cultural variation in sexual behavior Culture patterns habitual responses of different people to different parts of the body Sexually, foreplay is culturally diverse Cultures vary in what is considered erotic – Before the Tahitians learned to kiss from the Europeans, they began sexual intimacy by sniffing – The Trobriand islanders inspected each other for lice if they felt fond of each other Sexuality and Culture • Sexual norms affect sexual behavior. • Cultures differ in: – Age that sexuality begins and ends. – Ways people make themselves attractive. – Importance of sexual activity. Inis Beag Society: Ireland • Described as “one of the most sexually naïve of the world’s societies”. • Women are expected to endure sex. • Refusing intercourse is a mortal sin. Inis Beag Society Culturally patterned sexual repression: • Absence of sexual foreplay. • Belief that sexual activity weakens men. • Absence of premarital sex. • High percentage of celibate male...
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