Unequal access to education to the types of knowledge

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Unformatted text preview: vice sector jobs and street culture, also gender play a role Underground Market in East Harlem • What role does social stratification play in this situation? – Unequal access to education, to the types of knowledge and cultural practices needed to succeed – Issue of jobs available at time, economic situation Underground Market in East Harlem • What does this reading have to say about social mobility in the US? – Because of unequal access to what need to succeed, some have greater difficulty moving up social ladder – Also culture clash Religion Characteristics of Religion • Composed of sacred stories that members believe are important • Makes extensive use of symbols and symbolism. • Proposes the existence of beings, powers, states, places, and qualities that can not be measured scientifically. • Includes rituals and specific means of addressing the supernatural. Ritual • Patterned, repeated behavior, often filled with symbolic meaning • Examples: rites of passage • Religious rituals: Patterned acts involving the manipulation of religious symbols. • Example: El Sebou, Egyptian birth ritual God(s) • Term used for a named spirit believed to have created or to control some aspect of the world. • Monotheism • Polytheism Next time • Will continue discussing religion (note: we will discuss the Baseball Magic reading and the Gebusi reading AFTER Mardi Gras)...
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