Ambibitwo or both or neolocal residence a pattern in

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Unformatted text preview: e • Ambilocal residence – A pattern in which a married couple may choose pattern either matrilocal or patrilocal residence. (ambi/bi=two or both) or • Neolocal residence – A pattern in which a married couple may establish pattern their household in a location apart from either the husband’s or the wife’s relatives - this pattern is most common in the US (new = new) common Residence Patterns Residence • Avunculocal residence – Residence of a married couple with the Residence husband’s mother’s brother husband’s – Found in matrilineal societies where a nephew Found inherits property from his mother's brother. (Avuncu = uncle) (Avuncu The Gebusi Kinship Puzzle • For many of us, kinship might seem unimportant or boring and kinship charts dry and confusing • But Knauft’s ethnography shows how knowledge about kinship can help illuminate cultural practices that might otherwise seem odd or irrational • Knauft’s puzzle: why did Gebusi society have such as high rate of homicide? The Gebusi Kinship Puzzle • Compare kinship to game, clans and lineages to teams • Cooperation and conflict associated with kinship and marriage Gebusi Clan Exogamy • • • • N...
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