G lineage clan village exogamy marriage outside the

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Unformatted text preview: OTE: Patrilineal descent Lineage live together in settlement, clans do not A type of incest taboo Reminder: Endogamy = Marriage within a particular group or category of individuals (e.g, lineage, clan, village), Exogamy = Marriage outside the group. • Gebusi marry outside of own patriclan • Clans are larger than lineages, so this means that also marry outside of own lineage Gebusi Patriclan Preferential Sister Marriage • A principle by which when a woman marries into a clan, a “sister” of the husband should marry into her family in exchange • Especially strong preference within patrilineage • Not always a sister in our sense • Sisters: all females in your patriclan, brothers all males in your patriclan • BUT can be somewhat creative in defining sisterhood • The woman may object Gebusi Kinship, Marriage and Violence • Sorcery accusations are especially common in cases where patrilineages linked by a marriage that has not been reciprocated (sister exchange) • Sorcery accusations often lead to homicide • Gebusi society has a very high rate of homicide • http://www.anthropology.emory.edu/FACULTY/ANTBK/gebusiRes • [Slides 35-39] For next time • Begin discussing gender, sex and sexuality...
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