Islands torres did straits bbc tales from the jungle

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Unformatted text preview: s Did Straits) - BBC Tales from the Jungle Tales Was prevented from returning to Europe when Was WWI broke out WWI Revolutionized fieldwork while in Trobriand Revolutionized Islands Islands Spent years studying culture Learned native language Learned cultural patterns of thought Malinowski’s Intro to Argonauts Science, holism, but also everyday details/tone 1. The organization of the tribe, the anatomy of its culture Imponderabilia of everyday life (diary) Corpus inscriptionum 2. 3. * Final goal “grasp the native’s point of view, his relation to life, to realise his vision of his world.” (p.56) Fieldwork Begin with entrance into a new society (or must Begin set self up as anthropologist to study own community) community) Many experience culture shock: feelings of Many culture feelings alienation and helplessness that result from rapid immersion in a new and different culture rapid Fieldwork Involves the acquisition of fundamental Involves grounding knowledge of culture and adaptation to new culture to Develop network of informants (respondents, Develop informants consultants, friends) – people from and/or with consultants, people whom anthropologists gather data whom Different types of data collection Methods of Data Collection Methods Interviews (structured, open-ended) Surveys Census Kinship charts Mapping Video and audio recording Photography silent observation measurement and statistical data *PARTICIPANT OBSERVATION Participant Observatio...
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