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Observation participant observation participant

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Unformatted text preview: n Participant Hallmark of sociocultural anthropology participating in a given society but also participating observing social behavior and cultural beliefs beliefs combines subjective and objective views, combines etic and emic perspectives etic Malinowski’s study in Trobriand Islands Malinowski’s became the model became My Research Methods Adventure Travel vs. Anthropology Anthropology Programs like Living with the Kombai Programs Living (video clip) (video Journalists, travel writers, adventurers, Journalists, travelers travelers Anthropology tries to set itself apart from Anthropology these other occupations and pastimes through the use of research methods and through its code of ethics through AAA Code of Ethics AAA Anthropological researchers must be open about the Anthropological purpose(s), potential impacts, and source(s) of support for research projects - thou shalt not lie thou Researchers must utilize the results of their work Researchers and disseminate the results through appropriate and timely activities - though shalt publish though Anthropological researchers have primary ethical Anthropological obligations to the people, species, and materials they study and to the people with whom they work above all, do no harm above Full text of code: Full http://www.aaanet.org/committees/ethics/ethcode.htm http://www.aaanet.org/committees/ethics/ethcode.htm For next time For Students should be reading article by Boellstorff Students (on Moodle) and Chapter 1 of The Gebusi (will discuss next Monday) discuss In class Fri we will watch a documentary about In Malinowksi Malinowksi...
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