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Unformatted text preview: ristics. Cultural Relativity Cultural Understanding values and customs in Understanding terms of the culture of which they are a part part Looking for the cultural logic in which Looking certain practices making sense BUT: are all cultural traditions of equal BUT: worth? What about slavery? Female circumcision? Torture? circumcision? How do Anthropologists study culture study Fieldwork Participant observation Other methods History of fieldwork in anthropology (Overview) anthropology Armchair anthropologists Boas Malinowski Post-1960s trends: Feminist anthropology Postmodernism “Native” anthropology Native” Collaborative anthropology “Armchair” anthropology Early anthropology (“armchair anthropologists”): Early Lewis Henry Morgan, Edward Tylor Lewis Based their work on the accounts of other travelers Developed evolutionary theories Developed evolutionary Societies classified from simple to complex on basis Societies of development of technology, social institutions of Weaknesses of Evolutionary Theory Theory Focused on “exotic” characteristics found in a Focused society that made travelers more famous society Justified European intrusion into native life (e.g., Justified co...
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