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G justified colonization colonization evolutionists

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Unformatted text preview: lonization) colonization) Evolutionists molded their data to fit the theory NOTE: Although discredited within anthropology, NOTE: this evolutionary view is still common today (e.g., ideas about primitive peoples, lost tribes…) ideas Franz Boas Boas 1858 - 1942 Born in Germany, Jewish (influenced his research) research) Began in physics and geography, conducted Began ethnographic research on Baffin Island Became interested in non-Western cultures and Became switched focus to anthropology switched Franz Boas Boas Took positions in US and decided to stay because of Took growing anti-Semitism in Germany growing "Father of American Anthropology” Supported 4 field approach to anthropology Boas’ Research Boas’ Criticized evolutionism on the grounds that: It is intellectually flawed It is morally defective Uses poor data-gathering techniques Approached each culture as a product of its own Approached unique history unique Argued vehemently against ethnocentrism (distorts Argued anthropologist’s research, can help bind societies together, but can also motivate forcing one’s culture on others, can lead to racism) Boas’ Research Boas’ Insisted that anthropologists espouse Insisted cultural relativism (approach each culture cultural on its own terms) on Championed human rights and justice All humans have equal capacity for All culture culture No culture is more evolved than another All races are equal Malinowski Malinowski Did fieldwork in Trobriand Islands (Torre...
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