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18 value of social unity but has a negative side as

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Unformatted text preview: e of social unity BUT, has a negative side as well: controlled by men songfests about women’s sexuality, things women in Gebusi society would be beaten if did Cultural Relativity and Gebusi Issue of male control bothered researchers, conflicted with Issue their feminist leanings, culture shock, ethical tensions culture p. 19-20: anthropology appreciates cultural diversity and p. seeks to understand, not judge other ways of doing things, thinking about things thinking BUT: what do we do in the face of real inequality? How did Gebusi view male control of kogwayay and husbands How beating wives? Colonization and Gebusi Little known about that area of PNG at time of research Australian govt officials took censuses, brought trade goods, “pacified” Gebusi neighbors Bedamini became object of pacification, left Gebusi alone IRONY: colonization allowed Gebusi and their traditions to flourish, seemed “pristine” but this a result of contact Participant Observation in The Gebusi Object of study: spirit mediums Bruce took part in spirit séances and other male gatherings and activities His wife Eileen took part in women’s activities and spent time with children (less fun) Adventure Travel vs. Anthropology Anthropology Programs like Living with the Kombai Programs Living (video clip) (video Journalists, travel writers, adventurers, Journalists, travelers travelers Anthropology tries to set itself apart from Anthropology these other occupations and pastimes through the use of research methods and through its code of ethics through Characteristics of Culture made up of learned behaviors involve the use of language, classification systems and symbols patterned, integrated and shared by members of a group adaptive and subject to change Characteristics of Culture: Learned Behavior Behavior Almost every aspect of our lives is layered with learning We learn continuously and throughout life,...
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