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Team mascots symbolic anthropology is a theoretical

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Unformatted text preview: heoretical perspective that focuses on understanding culture by discovering and analyzing a culture’s symbols: symbols: Key symbols reflect deep concerns of a culture Example: Victor Turner’s study of the Ndembu of East Africa (mudyi Example: tree) tree) Characteristics of Culture: Patterned, Integrated, Shared Patterned, organic analogy (the comparison of societies to living organisms) organisms) Strengths Allows us to understand society as composed of different Allows elements elements Implies that anthropologists should describe these elements and Implies the ways that change in one affects the others the Weaknesses It implies that properly functioning societies should be stable and It conflict-free conflict-free In socially stratified societies, different groups have different In interests and this creates conflict interests Characteristics of Culture: Patterned, Integrated, Shared Patterned, Functionalism: theory focused on finding general theory laws that identify elements of society, how they relate to each other, and how they maintain social order - looks for laws of cultural behavior social (Radcliffe-Brown and Malinowski) (Radcliffe-Brown Today, many anthropologists focus on the Today, conflicts within the system (influenced by Karl Marx and Max Weber) Marx Subculture v. Dominant Culture Culture Subculture: A system of perceptions, system values, beliefs, and customs that are significantly different from those of a larger, dominant culture within the same society society Dominant culture: the culture of the group the that controls greater wealth and power in a society and can thus impose its understanding of the world on subcultures understanding Feminist Anthropology Anthropology Until the 1970s in anthropology, there existed a systematic gender Until bias in anthropological data bias Women and women’s issues are now more at the forefront of the Women discipline disc...
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