Issues are now more at the forefront of the women

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Unformatted text preview: ipline Also more attention to gender and sexuality generally (e.g., what is Also masculinity in a given society?) masculinity Postmodernism Postmodernism Argues that all knowledge is influenced by the Argues observer’s culture and social position observer’s Cultural construction depend on: frame of Cultural reference, power, history reference, Effects of Postmodernism on Anthropology Anthropology Most ethnographies are now more sensitive Most to differences of: to Voice Power Portrayal Ethnography of Speaking Speaking This is the model for linguistic This anthropology today anthropology Dell Hymes and John Gumperz - early Dell 1960s 1960s Remedy a gap - at time, no Remedy comparative ethnographies of how people use language use Hymes called for a structural analysis of Hymes communication in relation to speech that attends to patterns and functions of patterns language use Ethnography of Speaking Ethnography Look at “meaning in use” - not just structural analysis of Look language, vocabulary and grammar language, how community categorizes behavior and communication, how including what a community defines as speaking including Also the other “paralinguistic” features of expression, such Also as tone, prosody, etc as Example: Spradley and Mann’s article on asking for a Example: drink drink Next Time Will discuss Spradley and Mann article on How to Ask for a Drink Will also discuss Geert’z Deep Play...
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