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Unformatted text preview: hcode.htm Ethnography of Second Life Boellstorff’s methods Comparison of study of Second Life (virtual worlds) to study of other societies Culture of second life The Gebusi The Gebusi Chapter 1 as Example of Fieldwork Begin with entrance into a new society: first contact Begin involved a sort of test, then acceptance involved Develop network of informants (respondents, Develop informants consultants, friends) – people from and/or with whom consultants, people anthropologists gather data: ended up working with Gebusi because some were guides, became friends although very different from each other (p.21) although The Gebusi Chapter 1 as Example of Fieldwork Involves the acquisition of fundamental grounding knowledge Involves of culture and adaptation to new culture: of Initially accepted made efforts to speak language, ate local food, Initially came as a couple came Came to understand concept of kogway (heart of Gebusi culture) Came kogway Came to share “exchange names” with people in community BUT: Gebusi desired contact and the goods that Europeans and BUT: Americans brought Americans Kogwayay How Gebsui understand anthropological concept of culture A key symbol of Gebusi society Togetherness, talk, cheering (p.18) - value of social unity BUT, has a negat...
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