The array name testing is the address of the ini4al

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Unformatted text preview: has a data type integer and 10 elements that are indexed 0 to 9. 9 Introduc4on to Arrays (cont’d) • Each element in an array is accessed (referenced) using the array name and the element’s number, or subscript. – testing[0] is the 1st element, (ini4al or 0th item). –… – testing[7] is the 8th element (7th item). • The integer within the [ ] brackets is the subscript. • The array name testing is the address of the ini4al array element. (Remember this) 10 Array Declara4on The only difference between declaring a variable and an array, is the array will have an index aRer the variable name. – For example: int x, y[8]; Both x and y are integer types, but x will hold one integer value and y will hold...
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