For example printfthe factorial of 6 is dn factorial6

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Unformatted text preview: ++; } } 4 Returned Values as Actual Arguments • Func4ons that return values may be used as actual arguments to other func4ons. for example: printf(“The factorial of 6 is %d.\n”, factorial(6)); /* assuming we have written function factorial */ /* which we’re about to… */ 5 Design Problem Write a program to calculate the factorial of numbers 1 to 10 and print the result to the screen. Write a user defined func4on for the factorial calcula4on using the provided prototype. Trace by hand the execu4on of the first 3 invoca4ons of func4on factorial. int factorial(int x); Factorial: The number of ways n objects can be linearly arranged. For an integer >= 0, n factorial (denoted n!) is defined by 0! = 1, n! = (n)(n ­1)(n ­2) … (3)(2)(1), for n>= 1. 6 Introduc4on to Arrays • ORen we...
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