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Week 1 Quiz Questions

A adrenal sympathetic 6 an antigen is a

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Unformatted text preview: ess hormones epinephrine and norephinepherine are released by the _____________ gland in response to stimulation by the ________________ branch of the nervous system. a. Adrenal; sympathetic 6. An antigen is a _______________. a. Foreign substance that triggers an immune response 7. The immune system is located_____________. a. Throughout the body in the form of the lymphatic system 8. The immune system’s specific defense system is based on the activity of a. B&T cells 9. Which type of immune response involves immunological ‘memory’? a. Specific immunity 10. One hour after stepping on a piece of glass, Luke feels sick and feverish and his foot is becoming inflamed. These are all signs of a. Infection b. An acute phase response c. The ‘sickness response’ d. All of these are signs 11. Most human traits are a. Influenced by many genes acting toge...
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