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O immediate response delayed response allostatic load

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Unformatted text preview: ther Quiz 3: • According to the text, stress is best defined as o The process by which we perceive and respond to events that are perceived as harmful, threatening or challenging • The fight or flight reaction involves an outpouring of _____ into the bloodstream o Epinephrine and cortisol • • • • • • • • Regarding the body’s response to a potential stressor, SAM is to HPA as ________ is to ____________. o Immediate response; delayed response Allostatic load refers to o the cumulative long- term effects of the body’s physiological response The allostatic load is highest for stressors that are o Unpredictable and uncontrollable Who first suggested that stress is a nonspecific response of the body? o Hans Selye Richard Lazarus and his colleagues view stress as primarly a consequence of o How a person appraises environmental events and...
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