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Unformatted text preview: he DB_BLOCK_BUFFERS parameter. Answer: A, B, C Explanation: There are three multiple buffer pools that can improve the performance of the database buffer cache: the KEEP pool, the RECYCLE pool and the DEFAULT pool. Also there must be at least 50 block buffers for every LRU latch you allocate to your buffer cache. Each buffer pool is assigned latches from DB_BLOCK_LRU_LATCHES. Incorrect Answers: D: The size of the DEFAULT pool is not obtained by adding all the pools. It's separate structure. Oracle 8, DBA Certification Exam Guide, Jason S. Couchman, p. 867-872. Chapter 18: Tuning Memory and Operating System Use QUESTION 16: In which two ways can you reduce the amount of sorting that is performed? (Choose two) A. By using UNIONinstead of UNION ALL. B. By using NOSORT when creating tables. C. By using NOSORT when creating indexes. D. By using COMPUTE instead of ESTIMATE when analysing objects. E. By reducing the number of users that have the sort privilege. F. By creating appropriate indexes on tables that are joined often. - The Power of Knowing 1Z0-024 Answer: C, F Explanation: To reduce the amount of sorting that is performed you can use NOSORT clause when creating indexes (data is already sorted). Also you can create appropriate indexes on tables that are often joined. Incorrect Answers: A: It will be increased amount of sorting if you use UNION command. B: There is no NOSORT clause for CREATE TABLE command. D: Usage of COMPUTE instead of ESTIMATE will require more sorts because this clause will process all rows, not only small representation amount of them. E: There is no sort privileges in Oracle for user. All sorts are performed automatically by Oracle itself. QUESTION 17: What will this statement do? CREATE TABLESPACE temp DATAFILE 'C:\database\temp.dbf' SIZE 10n Temporary; A. Create a tablespace that will be dropped on instance shutdown. B. Create a tablespace in which the user can create segments for usage during sorts. C. Create a tablespace in which oracle can create segm...
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