625 chapter 13 using recovery manager for backups

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Unformatted text preview: p. 625 Chapter 13: Using Recovery Manager for Backups QUESTION 6: What are two purposes for using the recovery manager command CATALOG? (Choose two) A. Updating recovery catalog about rollback segment creation. B. Updating recovery catalog about files created before RMAN. C. Updating recovery catalog about operating systems backup. D. Updating recovery catalog about files created before Oracle 8. E. Updating recovery catalog about files that belong to a clone database. Answer: B, C Explanation: Command CATALOG is used to update recovery catalog about files created before RMAN and about operating systems backup. A datafile image copy, backup control file, or archived redo log taken using methods other than RMAN can be used by RMAN if it is identified to the recovery catalog with the CATALOG command. Only files that are part of the database can be part of the recovery catalog for that database. Incorrect Answers: A: RMAN recovery catalog does not work with rollback segments itself. Actualtes...
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