Couchman p 657 chapter 14 database failure and

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Unformatted text preview: an, p. 657 Chapter 14: Database Failure and Recovery QUESTION 16: What are two causes of user errors? (Choose two) A. Incorrect data is committed. B. The operating system crashes. C. There are insufficient privileges. D. A table is accidentally truncated. E. An application file is accidentally deleted. F. The application program receives an addressing exception. Answer: A, D Explanation: There are two types of user errors: committed incorrect data and accidentally truncated or dropped table. Dropped tables or other objects and committed changes may require DBA intervention and the use of EXPORT, IMPORT, and other backup and recovery strategies. Usually, the DBA will need to recover the entire database to another machine, export the dropped or deleted object data, and restore the object to the appropriate environment. You may see this situation occur quite a bit in development environments where the developers are their own DBAs. To avoid this problem in production, only the DBA should be allowed to create, alter, or drop database objects. By con...
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