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Unformatted text preview: of Knowing 1Z0-025 operation systems script is not required for this purpose. Oracle 8, DBA Certification Exam Guide, Jason S. Couchman, p. 576-577 Chapter 12: Overview of Backup and Recovery QUESTION 26: What kind of destination can DBA choose when specifying the LOG_ARCHIVE_DEST_n parameter? A. A Net8 listener name. B. Only a local dictionary. C. Only a Net8 alias for a remote database. D. A local dictionary or Net8 alias for a remote database. Answer: D Explanation: Oracle allows you to multiplex your archived redo logs by specifying a few new init.ora parameters. Some of them are LOG_ARCHIVE_DUPLEX_DEST and LOG_ARCHIVE_DEST_n, and it is used to identify the second and other locations where Oracle will store copies of archived redo logs. You can set these parameters to a directory in your file system other than the one specified for LOG_ARCHIVE_DEST and LOG_ARCHIVE_DEST_n, or to a device name. Incorrect Answers: A: A Net8 listener name cannot be used as the LOG_ARCHIVE_DEST_n parameter. B: Not only loc...
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