Dbf d rman creat list of backup set of datafile

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Unformatted text preview: Rman> creat list of backup set of datafile 'query1.dbf'; Answer: A Explanation: This answer shows correct syntax of command to find all backup sets containing the data file query1.dbf. Lists provides a complementary function of showing the available backups for specified datafiles, available copies for certain datafiles, and available backup sets or image copies for datafiles belonging to a specific list of tablespaces. Lists also provide information about backup sets of archived redo logs and incarnations of the database. Incorrect Answers: B: REPORT command identifies the database files that require backup. In addition, reports may help to identify which components of the database have not been backed up recently, and also to identify the backups that are no longer necessary for database recovery. C: A datafile image copy, backup control file, or archived redo log taken using methods other than RMAN can be used by RMAN if it is identified to the recovery catalog with the CATALOG command. D: T...
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