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A exportall b expdatabase c dbasysprivs d

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Unformatted text preview: Answer: D Explanation: Answer D is correct. To be able to export object owned by another user EXP_FULL_DATABASE role needs to be assigned to a user. Incorrect Answers: A: There is no EXPORT_ALL role in Oracle. Actualtests.com - The Power of Knowing 1Z0-023 B: There is no EXP_DATABASE role in Oracle. C: There is no DBA_SYS_PRIVS role in Oracle, there is only DBA_SYS_PRIVS data dictionary view. Oracle 8, DBA Certification Exam Guide, Jason S. Couchman, p. 534-538 Chapter 11: Data Loads and National Language Support QUESTION 135: You are shutting down a database with one tablespace offline. What is the status of this tablespace after restarting the database? A. It is lost. B. It is online. C. It is offline D. It is in recover mode. Answer: C Explanation: Answer C is correct. This tablespace will have offline status after database restart. A tablespace can be taken offline with one of several priorities, including normal, temporary, and immediate. Depending on the priority used to take the tablespace offline, media...
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