B an existing password file is updated c all users

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Unformatted text preview: All users are removed from the password file. D. The passwords in the password file are reset. Answer: A Explanation: Answer A is correct. This command will create new password file. Incorrect Answers: B: This command will not update the password file. To change some data in the password file you need recreate the password file with ORAPWD utility. C: This command will not remove any user from the password file. D: To reset passwords in the password file you need to recreate it. Oracle 8, DBA Certification Exam Guide, Jason S. Couchman, p. 277-279 Chapter 6: Basics of the Oracle Database Architecture QUESTION 108: How do you increase the number of entries in the password file? A. Grant SYSDBA or SYSOPER to additional users. B. Overwrite the number of entries by using the orapwd utility. C. Delete the existing password file and recreate it with the desired number of entries. D. Increased for value of REMOTE_LOGIN_PASSWORD_ENTRIES to the desired number of entries. Actualtests.com - The Power of Knowing 1Z0-0...
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